The collaboration between SUU and Riches-Nelson Racing came about in a real twist of fate. You see, Kent Riches started working with Dr. Jim Burns three years ago when Dr. Burns was teaching at San Diego State University.


They began talking about electric race vehicles and potential building an electric land speed vehicle. Things got kicked around a little bit until around June 2007, when both Riches and Burns started getting busy on the project. They started doing initial modeling and test parameters to determine the feasibility and requirements for an electric vehicle to run 350 mph.


The project was somewhat stalled a bit towards the end of 2007, but there was actually quite a bit happening in the background. You see, Dr. Burns was offered a position at Southern Utah University. Dr. Burns instantly fell in love with the University, but most of all he fell in love with the atmosphere and the receptive environment towards electric vehicle projects.


By January 2008 the project shifted into high gear. Kent Riches started making the long eight hour drive from San Diego to Southern Utah every two weeks.


On this page are the links to the individual departments that are helping on this project with updates on their progress. Also, there is a link to SUU if you would like to visit their website and see what the University is all about. Stumble around this section and have a good time!



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