...it probably wouldn’t be a surprise to you that racing takes a lot of dough! We’re not talking pizza dough here and this baby doesn’t run on beer! This particular electric vehicle project is going to take a huge quantity of dough, and we are not bashful enough to keep us from asking for it. You can see by the above rendering that there are a lot of assignments available for your corporate logo.


If you are visiting this site, you probably already have a keen idea that this electric motorcycle is going to have a huge potential for exposure. We’re not just talking about motorcycle magazines or car magazines here we’re talking about main stream magazines, television, speed vision, and world wide exposure. Just think about it, the world’s fastest electric vehicle is going to be this motorcycle and with your sponsor logo on the side of it we could reach millions of people for you.

Take a real good look at the rendering of the body and envision your logo on the side of it. Now pick up the phone and give Kent a call at 760-598-3366. Oh, by the way, at the bottom of this page is a list and links to the sponsors who have already jumped on board with this project and those who have been long term sponsors of Riches-Nelson Racing. Please take a look at their websites, and when it comes time to purchase products please give them a shot at it first. Thank you!


Here are some great people who have stepped up to help out so far.


Airtech Streamlining

Motorcycle Dynamics

HDT - Hayes Diversified Technology


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