Randy Nelson


Randy Nelson is a accomplished motor sport engineer as well as a former road racer, former drag racer, and current land speed record holder. Mr. Nelson is also a 30 year business owner, husband, and father to 7 children.

Mr. Nelson is a professional witness and testifies in motorcycle related court cases. His engineering skill has placed him as one of the top motorcycle related experts in the country for recreating and determining the causes in motorcycle related accidents.

Mr. Nelsons motorcycle shop, Motorcycle Dynamics Racing (MDR) in Escondido Ca is a full service motorcycle shop that can do practically anything you desire Mr. Nelson and his son Josh have fabricated many race chassis including our current streamliner project. MDR is equipped with cnc mills, lathes, tube benders, notchers, mig & tig welders, and all the equipment needed to build, modify, or repair our streamliner projects.

By all means if you have any questions about our projects, our have a project of your own, give Randy Nelson a call at MDR 760-489-9144



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