Welcome to the projects section of the site. This latest endeavor is a partnership between Riches-Nelson and Southern Utah University (SUU) to build and race the world’s fastest electric vehicle. And when we say the world’s fastest electric vehicle, we are not talking about the fastest electric car or fastest electric motorcycle. We are talking about the fastest train, plane, or automobile in the world. We do not care what type of vehicle it is. Follow along as we build the fastest electric vehicle in the world.

We currently are building 2 electric vehicles. The first is a conventional motorcycle that will serve as a test bed for the motors, controllers, and battery development. The knowledge that will be learned from these tests will transfer to the “streamlined” motorcycle that will make the record attempts.

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Check back often as we hope to update this site about every two weeks. If you have any questions or ideas that could possibly help with this project by all means please contact us! Thank you!

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