This section of the website is dedicated to the build diaries of a conventional motorcycle. By conventional motorcycle, we mean the rider sits onto the motorcycle similar to the vehicles we see everyday. 


And we need your help!!!
We ran a 1 way pass of 179.084 using only 34% power and we really want to be the first electric
motorcycle to make a historic pass over 200mph!!!


A last minute sponsorship deal fell apart and now we are struggling for help to run this year…. We need new batteries, chargers, data acquisitions parts, as well as some expenses!!!


A major sponsor would be nice, but any little help will be appreciated!!! This “green” project has gotten lots of media attention already, and just wait till we run 200!!!


Give me a call to see how you can help!!!


Yours in sport, Kent Riches

As this site content progresses we will fill in the venue sections to the left with as much detail as possible.  In the meantime we have posted photographs relating to the build of and the land speed record sets of this conventional motorcycle set in November 2008. Please check back to this section often, as there are a multitude of exciting things happening with this project.