Christopher Salvesen


Hometown: Paradise, UT
Education: Mountain Crest High School, Hyrum, UT - Graduate of 1999 – 3.1 GPA • Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, Logan, UT – Certified Machinist – 2001 • Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT - Senior Engineering Student – 3.4 GPA

Work Experience:
1 year HVAC duct fabrication • 2 years equivalent construction experience • 3 years forklift operation • 3+ years of customer service/relations • Current partner/manager of small computer service business


Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking, general outdoor activities, home improvement & renovation, auto mechanics, auto body, computers, electronics and technology.

Project involvement:
Team Leader • Organized project plan • Delegated project tasks to teammates and self • Drafted initial CAD rendering of battery modules • Oversaw customer dialogue/leveling • Communicated with testing & assembly service providers • Assisted in determining proper battery configuration to meet system needs • Ensured adequate quality control on materials & procedures • Assisted in creating & presenting PowerPoint presentation • Developed post-test process to prepare used cells for assembly phase • Ordered interconnect material specified by assembly service provider • Organized details of trip to assembly location in Boulder, CO • Went to Boulder and assembled modules with teammate Heather Ashby • Operated spot-welding machine • Documented assembly process; machinery & procedure • Delivered finished modules built to specifications.