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The Riches/ Nelson E-Race bike is officially certified as the worlds fastest electric motorcycle at a blistering 176.434mph “Boy this thing just keeps getting faster and faster” said rider/designer Kent Riches…. “We had a critical software error that limited us to only 34% power” added Riches. Seems like the team is making great strides at achieving their goal of 213mph. Once the software glitch is fixed look for the team to be the first electric motorcycle over 200mph…. See more info here….


And we need your help!!!
A last minute sponsorship deal fell apart and now we are struggling for help to run this year…. We need new batteries, chargers, data acquisitions parts, as well as some expenses!!!


A major sponsor would be nice, but any little help will be appreciated!!! This “green” project has gotten lots of media attention already, and just wait till we run 200!!!


Give me a call to see how you can help!!!


Yours in sport, Kent Riches


“Our purpose is to promote, educate and raise public awareness of electric vehicle performance. We intend to demonstrate the capabilities of existing technology through the use of motorsports”


What do you think of when someone says “electric vehicle”? What comes to your mind? A golf cart maybe? A scooter? Some underpowered, slow vehicle that has no range? You might think of a Toyota Prius? A lot better, but still not very exciting, is it?


You are not alone in your thoughts. Most people do not know that there are electric motors out there capable of propelling a vehicle to speeds in excess of 300 mph! Or battery technology that is capable of a full recharge in less than fifteen minutes! And almost no one knows, that these powerful components aren’t NASA rocket parts, but components that are readily available “off the shelf”.


You have landed on the website of the combined effort between Riches-Nelson Racing and Southern Utah University (SUU). Our goal is to educate the general public about readily available technology for electric vehicles. We intend to do this by setting a world land speed record of over 300 mph with an electric vehicle. Motorsports are extremely popular with the general public and this venture will show the exciting, real world possibilities of green technology in a package people can relate to.  It will help change the perception of electric vehicles forever. We invite you to come along for the ride!